Pupil and Community Voice

Pupil Voice

At Greengates Primary Academy, pupil voice is extremely important. We encourage pupils to take an active part in school life and their own learning.  

We also ask pupils about their learning experiences, and this helps us improve our education offer to match their needs. This helps teachers to tailor their learning and get feedback about what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes they are involved in learning walks or assemblies in which how we learn is a key focus. 

Children are aware that this is their school, and they are involved in decision-making. This means all adults receive feedback on how our pupils perceive their lessons and environment and the impact this has on their learning. 

Our pupil voice committees often meet with teachers and leaders to discuss their impression of learning. They are involved in pupil interviews and questionnaires in which they talk about their experiences. This helps teachers to tailor their learning based on feedback about what works and what doesn’t. 

Our strong pupil voice has led to so many positive changes, here are a few examples of what our pupil voice has led to: 

We now have a lunch menu.

We have pupil hall helpers. 

Our children chose the dojo prizes. 

Our pupils lead assemblies. 

We have a pupil safeguarding team.

We have a rugby after-school club.

Parent and Carer Voice

Thank to our community of parents and carers who took the time to complete the recent survey in January of this year. Your feedback helps on our journey of continual school improvement. We will work towards improving the areas our community have identified and complete the survey again in the Summer Term 2024.